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Melina Lipkiewicz


Aish Football Academy | Advisory Board 

PeopleQ | Chief Executive Officer 

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Melina is the CEO and founder of PeopleQ and PQfactor as well as having spent over 20 years in senior corporate leadership roles.  She is an executive coach, facilitator, speaker, entrepreneur with a passion for learning resulting in degrees and multiple certifications.  Her real passion is people and helping them step into their greatness.  She is an advisory board member for OTFC and MLEI Engineers and is honoured to be a part of the Aish Football Academy’s advisory board.

She has a passion for fitness, running and hiking which have been embedded in her life since her teens and was privileged to raise money for charity and run the New York Marathon in 2014.


Melina holds a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and HR, is IECL, Heartmath, CIQ and Genos certified and a Sixseconds Assessor.

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