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Aish Football Academy
The new standard i
n elite football development

Image by Mike Von

Aish Football Academy

Developing SA's best young football players

The Aish Football Academy was established to give South Australia's talented youth the same opportunity for development that exists in other states. With no professional, industrial strength provider currently active in South Australia, we recognised that there was a particular gap in the 11 – 17 age group for development.

All the football clubs have their Elite Development Programs (EDPs) and elite squads alike. We believe that we can complement that, particularly for those players who may have missed that selection, we present an opportunity to drop into one of our programs to increase their skills, then push them back to their footy clubs, prepared for the SANFL and AFL or AFLW.


The players invited to join our Elite Academy have already shown a great deal of commitment and promise. Building on those skills and those of the players in our Development and Junior Programs is what drives us. It's our purpose to coach them to become the best all round players and human beings they have the potential to be - on and off the field.

Improve football skills development

We place an emphasis on
fine-tuning our players' basic skills to ensure their future success.  

Prepare players for higher levels of performance

While skills are important, we take a holistic approach and include mindset, nutrition, leadership, strength and balance to with our coaching

Develop young players for SANFL

We assist under-resourced Junior SANFL Clubs to develop talented young players who need 10+ development hours weekly from the age of 12 to reach an elite level.

Embrace diversity and provide equal opportunity

Our teams provide 

opportunities for talented girls, boys and Q4 athletes who may be disadvantaged by their age.


Unprecedented focus. Impeccable results.

What we do

Through our rigorous recruitment efforts, the Aish Football Academy is working to support all eight SANFL clubs to maximise the opportunity to build the best development program of its type in SA and in time, Australia.


To achieve an elite level, players need 10+ development hours per week from the age of 12. SANFL Juniors and SANFL Clubs don’t have the resources or the time to concentrate on the actual level of skills development required by young players with elite potential.

This is where Aish Football Academy fills the gap. Our programs consist of a range of activities that include skills sessions and oval football training sessions as well as indoor skills sessions, game strategy, strength, stretching, running, swimming, physiotherapist assessment, athletic and AFL testing, mindset, and nutrition coaching.

we take pride in our numbers

Key development areas 






& resilience


Running, fitness
& coordination


Strategy, teamwork
& leadership


Healthy eating
& nutrition

Our partners


watch our launch video
where it all started

Our players

The Aish Football Academy launched with the U15 Elite Boys' Squad, followed by the Under 14 Elite teams. These form part of our by invitation only U13 to U18 Elite Academy. There is also an U13 to U18 Development Academy, as well as our U8 - U12 Junior Academy

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